Pre-Week 1


It's been said (by many people at this point, I GET IT) that marathon training is a part-time job.  A part-time job that's filled with ups, downs, pain and mental barriers.  That kind of sounds like cancer treatment to be honest.  Each week until October 2018, I'll have a run/workout plan courtesy of my running coach, and I'll be sharing my gross sweaty results here. 

This week, the mission was to try.  To just try and start working out again.  Through the creaks and fatigue and what have you. I'm still in the pre-training phase.  So I'm like literally baby stepping in. 

Me, pysching myself up

Me, pysching myself up


Monday - 20 minutes on the treadmill RPE 2 (should feel easy, like I could do it forever) & stretch

Wednesday - 20 minutes crosstraining, strength exercises, stretch

Friday - repeat Monday's



Balls, it sucked.  But surprisingly I actually did it.  Monday was the slowest plod of my life.  I think I did a 20 minute mile, not even joking.  But I ran the entire time and came out of it with a sore knee.  

The strength training was God awful.  I really thought it was going to be easy, but instead it was more like the past year of sedentary life has caused my body to melt into a pool of weakness.  Where once I was planking like a champ for a minute, I was now wobbling for 30 seconds through tears.  Fantastic.  But I did it and was sore enough the next day that I realized I have a very long way to go. 

Black Friday meant No Gym Friday but I did make up the time on Saturday.  My coach seemed proud enough of me during our phone consultation today but I couldn't help but assume a tone of "she's going to be a tough one" throughout it.  Which was probably just in my head, as most negative comments are.  HOW DOES ONE RUN 26.2 MILES.  WHY DID I AGREE TO DO THIS.  AND TELL EVERYONE I DID.  THAT WAS STUPID. 



Waking up in the morning is hard.  So hard.  Finding equipment after work at the gym is hard too.  Everything is hard.  Feck.